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Tips To Get You Started

Here are some common FAQs that we think might help you to get an excellent experience with the XGIMI projectors:

1.Can I navigate XGIMI Android TV projectors by phone?
XGIMI Android TV projectors are installed with the Official Google Android TV system.
For both Android & IOS phones, please download the "Android TV" app on your phones and pair it with XGIMI projectors under the same Wifi signal. The phone remote is On the Go.
Please refer to the Youtube guide video:

2.How to watch Netflix videos on XGIMI Android TV projectors?
Method 1. We recommend using a TV Stick to launch Netflix.
Method 2. If you don't have a TV stick, please download the pdf file from this link to learn how to install Netflix: Download guideline.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to XGIMI Customer Support team for further solutions.

3.What's the projection size of XGIMI long-throw projectors? What's the throw ratio?
Throw ratio is the ratio of the distance from the lens to the screen (throw) to the screen width, when the distance from the lens to screen is the same, the smaller the projection ratio is, the larger the screen can throw.
1)Projection ratio: 1.2:1
2)Diagnoal size:
38 inches @1m(1.8m*0.5m);
76 inches@2m(1.7m*0.9m);
114 inches@3m(2.5m*1.4m);
151 inches@4m(3.4m*1.9m);
189 inches@5m(4.1m*2.4m);
227 inches@6m (5m*2.8m)"