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You Deserve High-Quality Sound, And XGIMI Can Deliver

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

Pierre Schaeffer once said, “sound is the vocabulary of nature.” If said nature were referring to projectors and the audio produced its “vocabulary,” then traditional projectors were illiterate, so to speak. In a world of self-driving cars and smartphones that come equipped with voice assistants, smart projectors should be able to do more than just project large images.

XGIMI knew this, even when most of the industry overlooked it. You can’t have an immersive audio-visual experience without ample sound. Therefore, we began to consider ways of ensuring our projectors and laser TVs produced cinematic audio for those trying to create their home theater and those who prefer their movies on the go.

Should A Projector Have Speakers?

When we first started thinking about this, very few projectors in the market had built-in speakers. So most consumers had no option but to purchase an external sound system to satisfy their audio needs. It was a love-hate relationship. Sure, you got the sound you needed paired with your TV shows or movies. But it would often be frustrating filtering through cables and trying not to trip over them. Yes, a pair of external speakers heightened your immersive viewing experience but literally, at what cost? Paying extra on top of an already pricey projector would make the average person abandon their home theater plans. Expensive speakers and a complicated setup are not issues for a technophile. However, we knew entry-level users also deserved rich audio built into an easy-to-use projector.

XGIMI had a goal–create the ultimate entertainment device: content, stunning resolution, and booming sound all-in-one so that even the average consumer could easily enjoy unforgettable cinematic experiences at a reasonable price.

*The actual cost may differ based on region, prices, etc.

Pairing Smart Projection with Professional Sound

To achieve this, we had to think big. So, in 2015 we partnered with the global audio brand Harman Kardon. The century-old acoustics expert has specialized in the manufacturing of home, car, and professional theater audio, supplying top companies like BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, as well as the renowned Sydney Opera House. 

We had our eyes set on the Golden Ear Lab, one of Harman Kardon’s most well-known departments. With XGIMI products as the focus, the world’s top audio experts collaborated to design, develop, and tune our projector’s built-in speakers.

Overcoming Challenges to Ensure Success

However, this was easier said than done. The size and sound cavity of the sound system would determine the overall effect. For a compact projector like HORIZON Pro, it was nearly impossible to add both a speaker unit and passive bass diaphragm. Two problems could occur.

For one, the audio produced might’ve caused the projector to vibrate, leading to a shaky projected picture. With the DMD microchip, any magnification after optical lens processing will make all vibrations clearly noticeable. Even for a century-old audio brand like Harman Kardon, overcoming the device vibration issue was challenging. However, XGIMI insisted on collaborating, and after conducting several experiments together, we decided to utilize shock-absorbing materials to complement the audio module, ensuring we reduced bass vibrations and image shaking..

Secondly, the projector size would increase, potentially restricting the overall sound quality. Typically, the larger the sound cavity, the better the quality. However, we were determined to keep our products compact and portable. Harman Kardon eventually resolved this by installing customized R-type speakers and using ingenious structural designs. This would enable products like the HORIZON Pro to provide an immersive audio experience with an enhanced sound cavity while maintaining a compact design.

Cinematic Audio Experiences Anywhere, Anytime

This was a tremendous accomplishment. However, we knew that we could take our sound quality a step further. Yes, having a solid speaker unit was critical in ensuring strong audio; however, tuning said audio was equally important. Thankfully, the Dolby Cinema, created by Dolby Laboratories, launched its cinema-grade technology combining both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Our projector’s compatibility with DTS and Dolby Audio decoding technology helps provide theater-like sound for every user.

*Video source: Dolby official website

We knew that our users' needs and scenarios when using their XGIMI projector were diverse. Some enjoy movies and sports, others like watching concerts or casually listening to music. Each user scenario has different sound requirements. Therefore we specially developed three viewing modes–Movie, Music, and Sports–enhancing the audio quality of each. This technology is featured in AURA, the HORIZON Series, and Halo+ and will be in future XGIMI products. Our premier-level sound fully immerses the user in everything you love listening to or watching. It’s time you truly hear the thunderous cheers of a big sports game or the impact of a car crash during your favorite action movie, right from the comfort of your home or when outdoors. 

*Listen to your favorite concerts at home with AURA

We are continuously exploring the acoustics field, seeking ways to optimize the audio experience and provide you with the best sound. Our all-in-one product development concept requires professional sound quality. And by working with Harman Kardon and incorporating Dolby technology, our projectors can produce a three-dimensional cinematic audio experience that fills your ears with deep individual sounds. You not only get to watch your favorite movies, you feel them!

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