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We Care About Your Eyes: How Projectors Help
Reduce Your Exposure To Harmful Blue Light

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-04

Imagine you’re binge-watching your favorite show on your new flat-screen TV. The lights are off, and you’re snuggled up comfortably on the sofa. After a few hours, your eyes feel tired, strained, and incredibly dry. And what’s worse, it’s difficult for you to sleep later that night.

In today’s digital age, most people are frequently glued to various LED screens: smartphones, tablets, computers, and TVs. However, at what cost? Looking at said screens for long periods exposes us to harmful blue light, which accelerates eye fatigue and could potentially cause irreversible damage to your vision.

A journal published by Science Daily revealed that excessive use of iPads, laptops, smartphones, or other devices could cause severe eye damage in children. Professor Bourne, an expert in Vision and Eye research, conducted an experiment examining screen time use and found kids who frequently watched LED screens had a 30% higher risk of nearsightedness (myopia). 

Most people are aware of the various hazards LED screens pose, but they have become such an indispensable part of our lives that trying to eliminate them as a source of entertainment would prove fruitless. Gradually, however, users worldwide began to realize that using projectors as a replacement to TVs worked wonders to protect their eyes.

Are Projectors Really More Eye-Friendly?

LED light sources enter your eyes directly. When we focus on a LED screen for an extended period, especially in a dark room, our pupils fail to constrict fully. This means your eyes are letting in more light than they should to compensate for the surrounding darkness. On the other hand, the light produced by a projector is first projected onto a screen, or white wall then enters the human eye through diffused reflection.

In simple terms, glaring at a LED screen is similar to looking directly at the sun. However, watching a projected screen is like looking at everyday objects in nature or the moon since it reflects light from the sun. This is why you can watch a 2-hour movie at the theater with little to no eye fatigue.

Like smartphones or tablets, devices with smaller screens force us to squint at times or hold the device closer to our eyes than normal. This puts our eye muscles in a tense state that can easily lead to strain. Projectors cast large screens, making it easier for you to relax and focus on what you’re watching comfortably.

XGIMI Products are Certified to Shield Your Eyes

How is Blue Light Produced?
How is Blue Light Produced? Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that human eyes can see. Like other colors of visible light, blue light is all around you. The sun emits blue light. So do fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. Human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever before because of the widespread use of devices that rely on light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

*AURA features diffused reflection imaging for a safer view

To ensure our users are comfortable when watching movies or TV shows, we guarantee that the hardware within every XGIMI projector has undergone blue-light adjustment. This allows the device to naturally reduce blue light exposure. 

Other manufacturers use software for their product’s blue light reduction. Consequently, when powering on the projector, users will notice a yellowish color on the screen. Not only does this take away from the viewing experience, but it also fails to protect your vision in the long term. 

The XGIMI HORIZON Pro is TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified for eye protection, a credible eye-protection authentication used by top companies like Samsung and Dell. This demonstrates our determination to provide the safe and quality viewing experience that our users deserve.

Nowadays, children and technology are just about inseparable, with most using a LED screen as a source of entertainment or for educational purposes. Many parents are aware of the harmful risks created by LED screens and seek to prevent them by limiting (or fully prohibiting) the use of electronic devices. Yes, this helps to protect your child’s eyesight. Still, it restricts their worldview as they can not learn valuable ideas, information, or lessons easily online–a necessity in the digital age.

By using projectors as a reasonable alternative, children worldwide can watch educational documentaries and cartoons all on a large screen that limits their exposure to hazardous blue light.

Intelligent Eye-Protection Technology - Safeguarding Your Child

Laser projectors are phenomenal options for a truly safe audio-visual experience. The Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology projects enormous images from short distances while maintaining a short focus and high brightness. Laser TVs have sometimes worried parents with children who become a little too curious about the lens and get too close to the projector. 

Our product manager stressed this as we developed our new 4K laser projector, AURA. AURA’s integrated automatic light dimmer, powered by advanced IR sensors, detects when your child or pet approaches the light source and immediately dims the laser and screen, effectively shielding their eyes from damaging radiation.

AURA also eliminates harmful blue light and utilizes diffuse reflection imaging, all to assure you and your family never have to worry about eye strain caused by direct light exposure, even when watching a long movie.

*AURA's automatic light dimmer shields your eyes from damaging radiation.

Your Health is Our Priority

We design our products with the customer’s safety in mind. A significant part of us bringing you an immersive viewing experience ensuring you and your family are never at risk. Technology should never exceed our humanity but bring people together without being an inconvenience to our lives. And this is why we work diligently to ensure it never does.

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