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Big Game TV and Home Theater Setup Tips

By XGIMI Tech - 2024-2

The anticipation is building, the snacks are ready, and the jerseys are on – it's game day! Whether hosting friends or enjoying the thrill solo, a top-notch TV and home theater setup can transform your living room into the ultimate game-day haven.

Let's dive into the timing and significance of the game. Then, read how to set up a home theater to maximize every touchdown, dunk, or goal.

What is the Big Game and When is it this Year?

The Big Game is the annual championship game of the NFL, with the winner being called the "World Champion."

The trophy is the Vince Lombardi Trophy, with the participating teams being that season's American Football Conference and National Football Conference champions. The Big Game has been the most-watched television program in the country for many years and is becoming a national holiday in the United States.

In addition, Big Game Sunday is the second highest single-day food consumption in the United States, after Thanksgiving. The halftime show is also a major entertainment attraction for many nationwide, both at the stadium and those watching at home.

The Big Game is usually played on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February. This year, it will be held on February 11th.


Why Should You Upgrade Your Projector for the Big Game?

The Big Game is a huge annual festival, and missing out on this year's great excuse to replace your projector would also be missing out on an opportunity to fully immerse in the event this year.

Every moment of the Big Game is not to be missed! Follow these tips to make that so:

Setup Tips:

●Screen Size and Placement: Go Big or Go Home

The bigger, the better! Opt for a 100-inch or larger screen to create a cinematic experience. Position your screen at eye level to guarantee a comfortable and immersive viewing angle.

● Unlock the Power of 4K HDR: Picture-Perfect Clarity

Upgrade to a 4K HDR TV for unparalleled resolution and vibrant colors. HDR technology enhances the contrast, highlighting the intricate details in dark and bright scenes.

● Sound that Roars: Invest in Quality Audio

A great picture deserves great sound. Consider a surround sound system or a high-quality soundbar to elevate your audio experience. Strategically place speakers to create a surround-sound effect, making it seem like you're right in the heart of the action.

● Mastering the AV Receiver: Central Hub of Entertainment

An AV receiver is your home theater's command center. Invest in a quality one to seamlessly manage your audio and video components. Amplifiers can add power and clarity to your audio, immersing you further into the game-day atmosphere.

● Fine-Tune Your Streaming and Cable Setup: No Lag, No Interruptions

Ensure your streaming services or cable subscriptions are updated and properly configured. Invest in a reliable internet connection to prevent lag or interruptions during crucial game moments.


The 4K long throw home projector, XGIMI HORIZON Ultra, is a great option. The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra has optical zoom, and the screen can be 200”. It features Harman Kardon speakers that’ll immerse you so much in the game that you’ll feel like you’re actually there. HORIZON Ultra also provides unparalleled brightness, exceptional color accuracy, and premier image quality for an actual Dolby Vision theater experience.

Whatever home cinema you desire, the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra can satisfy your entertainment needs.

XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is the best choice for you to watch the Big Game

Final Takeaway

As you prepare for the Big Game, pay attention to the importance of a well-crafted TV and home theater setup. With these pro tips, you can turn your living room into the ultimate sports-watching sanctuary.

From breathtaking visuals to heart-pounding audio, your game-day experience will never be the same. So, kick back, relax, and get ready to witness the magic of sports in a new dimension. Game on!

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