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Best Projector for iPhone in 2023

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-05

Projectors have evolved to become important home or office devices thanks to their ability to project content from a variety of sources, including cell phones. With the latest projectors for iPhones and Android phones, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, or live sports games on a much larger screen.

Having a device that can magnify your iPhone screen is advantageous—you can navigate through your PowerPoint presentations, take your courses, or get the whole family to watch a movie right from your smartphone.

In this article, we will recommend the best projector for iPhone and delve into the details and uniqueness of these devices. Also, we’ll discuss the factors you ought to consider when buying a smartphone projector, and guide you to where you can buy the best phone projectors for your entertainment or professional needs.

Top 3 Projectors for Your iPhone

Not all projectors have unique characteristics needed for pairing with smartphones. Without further ado, here are the 3 best smart projectors for your iPhone:



· 1080p FHD & 800 ANSI lumens
· ±40 automatic/manual keystone correction
· Android TVTM OS
· Wireless Casting
· Built-in 59.454Wh battery

XGIMI Halo +

· 1080p FHD & 900 ANSI lumens
· Auto Focus & Keystone Correction
· 59.454Wh battery
· ISA tech
· 10W Harman Kardon and Dolby audio


· 1080p FHD & 300 ANSI lumens
· Android TV™ OS
· Harman Kardon sound
· Autofocus and 40° auto vertical keystone correction

#1 XGIMI Halo 

This XGIMI Halo has a compact build and weighs an estimated 3.5 pounds, making it easy to carry around. Offering similar resolution quality as Halo+, XGIMI Halo delivers beaming bright images thanks to the 800 ANSI lumens brightness. Its 59.45Wh built-in battery ensures you can enjoy your favorite content wherever you are. Halo has the Chromecast/Airscreen built-in feature, allowing you to mirror your iPhone screen with a few clicks. The mini projector also has an HDMI port, with which you can connect an adapter and a cable to cast your iPhone screen to the projector.

#2 XGIMI Halo +

XGIMI Halo+ is widely renowned as a top-end portable projector. With 1080p resolution, 900 ANSI lumens, and a max 200" screen, you can enjoy a bright, clear, and immersive display when watching your favorite content. Halo+ also delivers exceptional sound free of distortion, thanks to its dual 5W Harman Kardon speakers.

The portable projector is designed with ease in mind, plus a powerful built-in battery and lightweight form factor. Also, it has built-in Chromecast/Airscreen feature and an HDMI port, making it a great projector for iPhone.

#3 XGIMI MoGo Pro

Released as a flagship product, XGIMI MoGo Pro has a beautiful body and lives up to its appearance with several cool features like 1080p resolution and 300 ANSI lumens for bright and clear visuals and automated technology that simplify setup and usability.

XGIMI MoGo Pro offers a built-in battery that gives you hours of uninterrupted viewing and dual 3W Harman Kardon speakers that deliver immersive HiFi sound. MoGo Pro is one of the best iPhone projectors as it has a Chromecast/Airscreen built-in feature. With Chromecast built-in, you can connect your iPhone seamlessly for screen mirroring.

best projector for iphone

All You Need to Know About the Phone Projector

1. Which type of projectors are best for smartphones?

While there’re several types of projectors coming compatible with iPhones, portable projectors are always best suited to the mobile device. Portable projectors typically come with built-in batteries and speakers since they are built to support users on the go. They are lightweight versions of traditional projectors, with all the tech packed into a small frame, making them easy to slip into a small backpack or even large pockets.

Portable projectors usually have a built-in feature that supports screen mirroring, along with WiFi and Bluetooth connection support. An HDMI port, to which you can connect a Digital Video Adapter cable and plug your iPhone in on the other end, may also be available.

2. How phone projectors differ from other projectors?

Smartphone projectors, usually portable projectors, are distinct. They are built to offer mobility and provide a ready-to-go projection outlet wherever you are. Here's how phone projectors differ from other projectors designed for home, cinema, and office:

  • Size and Weight
  • Projectors for iPhone are generally smaller and lighter, as too much weight ruins any portability edge they might have. XGIMI Halo weighs as little as 3.5 pounds (1.6kg).

  • Build
  • Fixed-mount and other types of projectors can be bulky, but iPhone-friendly projectors favor sleek or compact builds so that they can easily fit into backpacks and be carried around.

  • Smart Features
  • Since they are usually paired with a smart gadget (the iPhone), most projectors for iPhone have to run on app-friendly operating systems with full internet and Bluetooth support to ensure seamless wireless connections. Other types of projectors do not necessarily have to offer these features.

  • Power Source
  • While most regular projectors require connections to a power source, portable smartphone projectors usually have built-in batteries that can give you some hours of usage on a full charge.

    3. Pros of Buying a Projector for iPhone

    When you buy a cell phone projector, you stand to enjoy several benefits, and here are a few:

    • Use As You Go
    • With its built-in battery, you can enjoy your favorite content with a phone projector wherever you are, in the backyard, or on a camping trip. Also, they are built to offer an easy setup and are generally lightweight, so they can always come in handy whenever you need them.

    • Larger Screen
    • You can leverage your smartphone projector to enjoy a broader view when using productivity apps like PowerPoint or Word, or to take courses on your iPhone.

    • Inbuilt Sound System
    • With some of the best projectors for iPhone, you can enjoy the enhanced sound when streaming your favorite content from your smartphone, thanks to their built-in speakers which deliver excellent high-fidelity sound. That means you can save money on extra Bluetooth speakers or sound bars.

    • Sea of Content Available
    • There are no limits to the kind of content you can watch with a smartphone projector. As long as you can play or stream the content on your iPhone, you only have to broadcast it to your projector, then sit back and enjoy.

      4. How to Connect Your iPhone/Android Device to a Projector?

      Wireless Connection

      To connect your iPhone to your projector wirelessly, follow these steps:

      a) Connect your iPhone to the same Wifi network as your smartphone projector;
      b) On your iPhone, go to Settings and click on Control Center;
      c) Hit Screen Mirroring;
      d) If Airplay is available on your projector, find your device's name and select it;
      e) Move the Screen Mirroring slider to green and click on Done.

      If your projector does not support Airplay, you can connect via third-party casting apps like Chromecast, Airscreen, and Lonelyscreen.

      a) Install the Google Home or Airscreen app on your iPhone;
      b) Launch the Google Home app and turn on Bluetooth;
      c) Click on Add at the top left of the home screen, select Set Up New Device, and click on New Device;
      d) Follow the remaining steps and complete the setup;
      e) Launch any Chromecast or Airscreen-enabled app and click on Cast to send content to the projector.

      For Android phone,

      a) Launch Google Home and connect your device to the same WiFi as your smart projector;
      b) Repeat the same process outlined for connecting your iPhone to a projector without the Airplay feature;
      c) Follow the remaining steps and complete the setup.

      Wired Connections Via HDMI Ports

      Thanks to the Digital Video Adapter cable, you can connect your iPhone directly to the smartphone projector and stream your favorite content.

smartphone projector

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Projector for iPhone

  • Image Resolution
  • Portable projectors may not be as sophisticated as less portable options, but a good projector for iPhone should offer up to 1080p resolution to make viewing worthwhile.

  • Battery Life
  • Go for projectors that can offer you over two hours of video on a full charge for an uninterrupted viewing experience when watching your favorite content.

  • Connection Option
  • The best projectors for iPhone should support wireless connections via Airplay or third-party apps and wired connections via HDMI and adapter cables. It would be best if you settle for products that give you alternatives and allow you to remain flexible.

  • Budget
  • As you search for the best projector for iPhone, you must factor in your budget. The most expensive products are not always the best, so you should choose reasonably priced models with the features you need.

Where Can You Buy the Best Projector for iPhone?

Are you looking for the best projector for iPhone? XGIMI Halo, Halo+, and MoGo Pro are in a league of their own and will offer you immense value for your money. Visit the XGIMI store to learn more about their powerful features and shop for your favorite smartphone projector.

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