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Reimagining Home Entertainment

Reimagining Home Entertainment

At XGIMI, we delve into the realms of multi-functional smart projectors and laser TVs, pioneering innovative solutions that elevate people's enjoyment and enhance the quality of modern living. Immerse yourself in unparalleled visual experiences, where technology seamlessly blends with lifestyle, setting new standards for enjoyment and enhancing the quality of your everyday moments.

Strategic Partnership
CNN  Editors' Pick 2023
Horizon Ultra, an even more souped-up projector with a striking new lens system and some of the best picture quality on the market.
BEST OF 2023
The Horizon Ultra may be the end game of my home projector quest. It delivers some of the best picture quality I've seen, doesn't sound like a blow dryer when I increase the scaling, and dare I say, at $1,699, is not expensive at all.
The refined picture quality, marked by bright, vivid colors, and attention to detail, makes spending an extra couple hundred bucks a worthwhile investment.
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2023 .08
XGIMI HORIZON Ultra, the world’s first 4K long-throw home projector with Dolby Vision, features ultra-high brightness with 2300 ISO lumens, the ultimate color accuracy with the latest Dual Light Technology, smooth environmental adaptability with Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0, and fully immersive sound with dual 12W Harman Kardon Speakers.
2023 .04
MoGo 2 Pro & MoGo 2
XGIMI MoGo 2 Series' 400 ISO lumens, integrated D65 color temperature standard, and 90% DCI-P3 color gamut offer a cinematic big-screen experience with bright, colorful images.
2021 .10
XGIMI AURA delivers breathtaking displays of various sizes without compromising space. It features 4K UHD resolution, bright 1800 ISO lumens, and advanced ALPD technology to provide you a luxurious TV-like experience.
2021 .09
XGIMI Halo+ features a 1080p ultra-bright image with auto focus & keystone correction, fully portable with a 59W built-in battery and dual 5W Harman Kardon Speakers.
2021 .08
XGIMI Elfin, the brightest home projector in its size, is a high-end home theater projector with a 200” screen, HDR10, 600 ISO lumens, and Harman Kardon speakers.
2021 .05
XGIMI HORIZON Pro & HORIZON, the premium home projectors, offer you the best home theater experience with an excellent sound system and AI brightness technology.
2020 .10
MoGo Pro+
XGIMI MoGo Pro+, a 1080p portable smart project for your home, is great for movie nights and family entertainment. It has a 200-inch screen and can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.
2019 .09
Halo, the smart projector, brings a new level of light, style, and performance to the home or office. With native 1080p Full HD, 200” screen, and 600 ISO lumens of brightness, XGIMI Halo is a must-have for cinema-quality images wherever you go.
2019 .06
MoGo Pro
XGIMI MoGo Pro is the world's first portable projector with native Android TV and 1080p resolution. With its sleek and compact design, built-in Harman Kardon speakers, and large-capacity battery, it brings a high-definition, on-the-go projection experience. Enjoy big-screen entertainment anytime, anywhere, and listen to your favorite music with ease.
Google Partnership
XGIMI has officially partnered with Google, introducing a projector authorized by Google and featuring the Google Android TV system. This collaboration aims to provide users with a smoother interactive experience and access to a vast array of audio-visual content.
2015 .12
Harman Kardon Partnership
XGIMI has formed a strategic partnership with the globally renowned audio brand Harman Kardon, co-developing XGIMI's integrated audio system to deliver users a more immersive and ultimate audio-visual experience.
XGIMI Optical Laboratory
XGIMI established an optical laboratory and constructed the XGIMI Smart Optoelectronic Industrial Park, conducting self-research and producing projection light engines and lenses.
2013 .11
XGIMI was founded with a mission to elevate people's enjoyment and enhance the quality of modern living.
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